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Databuild Connect

In 2010, Databuild Connect was developed and launched in response to the requirements expressed by our clients. Databuild Connect builds on the success of Databuild Online, answering our clients’ need for a more complete and comprehensive system to manage not only their Databuild leads and project information, but their entire sales process.

Databuild Connect is a comprehensive sales management system designed specifically for the African construction industry.  It enables you to:

  • consolidate your sales information
  • improve sales performance 
  • gain control of your sales process
  • accurately forecast sales as well as stock requirements
  • obtain meaningful intelligence into your sales process and market

The sales and customer intelligence needs within the construction industry are becoming increasingly complex. Databuild Connect provides that intelligence, from assessing the opportunities available within various regional areas, to enabling our clients to monitor staff activities, easily allocate information to their respective teams, and determine reasons contributing to lost business. It provides a single database for the storage and management of such information with a view to achieving a higher level of business efficiency and market penetration.

Why use Databuild Connect?

Sales Management System for the Construction Industry

Shared Sales Information

Shared Sales Information

Access all your projects and contacts through one online system, keeping track of your whole sales workforce.

Track your sales activity

Maximize Your Sales Leads

Track your activity relating to every project and company that you engage with in your sales process.

Identify reason for lose of sales

Identify the Wrong

Report on why you may be losing sales; track differing activities and closing ratios amongst your team.

Forecasting stock

Forecasting Stock

Obtain detailed stock and production forecasts on Databuild Connect

Detailed reporting

Detailed Reporting

Pull reports on user activity, appointments, opportunities and pipelines.

 Track individual staff performance

Easy User Adoption

Health meters and the easy to use interface reduce resistance for all users.

Would you like to use Databuild Connect?

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