Values and beliefs

Ours set us apart


Databuild values the principle of being connected, which is fundamental to what we do as our business. We are primarily connected through common values, purposes and goals, in a collaboration that is inter-connected and holistic. Who we are and what we do as a community has a profound impact upon the process of being an excellent company that provides an excellent product and excellent service. As such, we seek to embrace and connect with every individual, department and other companies in the Group, as well as all stakeholders in the relevant construction industries. We seek to share problems, provide solutions and embrace our humanity together.


Databuild cares about everyone giving and receiving the very best pertaining to respect, kindness and fairness. This includes integrated nurture and development, as well as learning experiences related to personal growth and emphasizes the importance of service, diligence and validation. As one of our foundational values, we care that everyone related to our company, succeeds.


Instead of blending in with the crowd, we as Databuild value the potentials of the unconventional and innovative. It is important to remain authentic and professional about our values, mission and objectives, yet also to seek a unique and distinct perspective on our industry, our products and our relationships. We value a culture of questioning and change. In the process of being distinctive, we seek also to be ingenious and resourceful.


To provide balance to the serious nature of our work and our intent to offer excellence in service and product, we seek to engender an atmosphere and attitude of fun. Our value is to encourage opportunities to enjoy the time we spend at Databuild, to be lighthearted, celebrating our successes and to not take ourselves too seriously.


It is our aspirational value that a general sense of having positive, enthusiastic beliefs is advocated at Databuild. It is our desire to believe in everyone and to “give them an A”. While the importance of maintaining equilibrium in the face of life’s realities is acknowledged, we believe in a positive, optimistic attitude. We value a passionate perspective of life, relationships and work.


Underpinning all our values and beliefs, lies the foundational value that in all things pertaining to work and life, we seek to do the right thing. This means that we seek a dedicated personal – and work ethic, a constant striving for honesty in all we do and are, as well as the entrenchment of integrity in all our dealings with one another, our clients and all fellow stakeholders we share the building industry with.