BuildConnect, a division of Databuild, is a collaboration with a proficient team of partners to provide a comprehensive suite of services to Databuild clients.

BuildConnect Network

Introducing our BuildConnect Network of senior independent specifiers

Kevan Riley, Pro Spec

Kevan Riley, Pro Spec

PRO-SPEC: Project information & marketing services, specialises in the marketing of manufacturer’s products to Architectural and Building Professionals, assisting with product specifications, and helping to grow sales pipelines.


Anneke Anker, Spec X

Anneke Anker, Spec X

Spec X is a marketing agency that assists by getting building materials and architectural products specified by creating brands that architects and designers love and trust. The business is built on understanding how professionals think and what they want.


Carol De Jager

Carol De Jager

Building relationships with architects and specifiers and understanding their specification process is key. To be the trusted advisor architects turn to on current and future projects, you need to provide them with solutions and not just sell a product.


Donna Pelser, Virtual Connect

Donna Pelser, Virtual Connect

Virtual Connect identifies project sales leads and engages with existing and new clients on your behalf to set up and facilitate virtual or on-site meetings between yourself and the relevant professional/client.


Nicky Cuyler, LaranD Marketing

Nicky Cuyler, LaranD Marketing

LaranD Marketing assists with project co-ordination and lead acceleration for manufacturers and retailers in the construction industry, keeping track of the status of projects and nurturing the lead on your behalf.


Product specifications

BuildConnect specifying partners undergo comprehensive training to ensure they thoroughly understand the client’s product. This enables them to provide a meaningful service to the specifier and create a positive impression of the product.

Once the specification has been secured on the client’s behalf, the specifying partner tracks the project and notifies the client when a project is out to tender, reminding them to send quotes to tendering contractors. The client is advised as soon as the project is awarded, and can then follow up with the successful contractor.

The specifying partner also assists the architect with any queries they may have, and manages any issues that may arise on site.


BuildConnect sets up virtual or on-site meetings with industry professionals utilising the client’s Databuild project information.

Lead qualification

BuildConnect conducts searches through Databuild project information to identify and prioritise appropriate projects. After qualifying the lead with the relevant professionals, it is allocated to the client to follow up. Clients also receive reminders when follow-ups are due.

Marketing packages

Various levels of marketing assistance are available to BuildConnect clients, including design skills, social media marketing and digital campaigns.

CPD events

BuildConnect offers an online CPD portal, as well as CPD events and webinars, enabling clients to exhibit products and present CDP-accredited lectures. Assistance with the compilation and accreditation of CPD presentations is also available.

Why choose BuildConnect

Cost-effective and affordable service

BuildConnect’s partners’ fees compare favourably with the costs of employing full time personnel to conduct the various activities. Their experience in the industry means no training is required other than familiarising themselves with client’s products. There’s no need for employment contracts and all the other overhead costs associated with employing a dedicated staff.

Long-standing relationships

The BuildConnect team of partners boasts extensive experience in the construction industry and have established solid and lasting relationships with the relevant industry professionals. Each partner operates as an independent business owner, which ensures service continuity and eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming retraining due to staff turnover.

Effective use of Databuild project information

BuildConnect partners ensure that Databuild Online clients derive maximum benefit from their subscription by prioritising and qualifying identified projects and following up on the client’s behalf.

Service you can trust

Databuild’s optimum service standard ensures consistency and quality among BuildConnect’s partners, all of whom are renowned for their efficient, transparent and personalised service.

Backed by an enduring legacy

Since 1974 Databuild has remained focused on the provision of the best quality construction project and professional contact information, together with a superior set of services that includes business intelligence, industry-related workshops, forums and a host of digital opportunities. All are geared to assisting professionals and clients while interfacing with various bodies and initiatives.

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